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Koçak Baklava; Under the leadership of Coşkun and İbrahim Koçak masters, it produces with great care with a team of approximately 130 people, keeping control at every stage from raw material selection to reaching the consumer.

It trains baklava masters from a young age, and provides a training process from apprentice to master, almost like a school.
A Food Engineer works within the company to ensure that all the products it manufactures reach you, the consumers, at the same quality. It pays attention to the collection of raw materials in their own season, their careful selection and keeping them fresh. The products, produced by the hands of their skilful masters, are cooked in stone ovens and sweetened with natural sugar syrup. Products that are determined to meet Koçak Baklava standards in terms of taste and quality are brought to the consumer.


With VIP cargo to Istanbul and Ankara; Orders placed until 16:00 every day of the week, with VIP cargo to Izmir (except Saturday-Sunday) until 16:00 on other days, are deliver give cargo on the same day and delivered the next day (within the day).
In other provinces; With YURTICI  kargo; Orders placed on Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday and Saturday until 16:00 deliver give cargo  on the same day, and orders placed on Thursday-Friday will be give cargo on the Saturday.

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